Exciting Small Bathroom Remodeling

You got a new house, and then you need to renovate some rooms including bathroom? Or your bathroom is really boring? Exciting bathroom remodeling ideas are needed. This way will not spend much money than you rebuild a new bathroom.

There are some ways to remodel a bathroom to be more exciting. One of them is by repainting. If you like to use ceramics, change the ceramics will be better. For small bathroom, you’d better to choose a light brown ceramics for flooring. While, combine it with green ceramics wall.

To make you feel expansive in your bathroom, you can use a big window. It is for the sunlight comes to the bathroom in the morning. Pair the white window with a light brown curtain. In the middle of the window, put a sun flower vase. Another way to remodel your bathroom is by rearrange the things there. Place the bathtub on the right side of the window.

If your bathtub can still be used, use it is better. Yet, if it is not feasible to use it, have a new bathtub that will make you comfortable in the bathroom is a must. By choosing a white marble bathtub is really nice in combining with others things in the bathroom. Is your cabinet still good enough? If so, you don’t need to change it. Just repaint the door cabinets with green and cabinets by white color.

Place a cabinet mounted on the wall can be used to keep your towels or something else. Next to the cabinets, put a white toilet. Behind it, you may add towel handle. In making you easy to wash your hands, brush your teeth, and clean your face, you need a sink and mirror over that.

Place them beside the bathtub. Well, let’s repaint the ceiling as one of your bathroom remodeling. Because the bathroom is not really large, using white color or beige color is a great decision. It can make your bathroom seems larger.

In bathroom remodeling, adding some tools is reasonable. Present a rain shower up to the bathtub. It will make your bathroom more exciting. Right, the last, in remodeling you need to determine what you have space for, what materials are worth using, and then find a way to add much-needed storage for beauty supplies and extra towels.

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