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Exciting Living Room with Painting IKEA Furniture



Lack of ideas what you want to place in your living room? As the place where you welcome guests, a living room is not only cozy, but it must be interesting. So, your guests will like to stay there. There are many ways to make your living room more exciting. The color selection of the room, the furniture used there, the lighting, and the accessories are some of ways you need to consider in creating an exciting living room. As one of important things in the room, you should notice what the right furniture for that. And here, painting IKEA furniture will work well for the living room.

Let’s check how your living room is, before placing the painting IKEA furniture. The light brown wall will be nice in combining with beige ceiling. Step on your feet comfortably on the wooden flooring. The floor which made from wood is able to make the room warmer. Don’t forget to spread out a grey stripes rug on the floor. It can beautify the room. On that rug you also put the IKEA furniture. Brown sofa and some dark brown cushion will make your guests feel cozy sit over there. Provide your guests snacks and drinks on the table. Choose a green painting IKEA table to put the snack.

Add a purple flower vase on it to freshen it up. But, if you like something elegant, a white painting IKEA coffee table can be a good choice. Combine it with your ideas to install some decoration on the edge of the table. Silver trinkets are one that you can take. Paste them, and the table will be more interesting. Beautify it with glass vase and purple flowers in it. While on the other side of the room, your old IKEA dresser can be replaced with painting IKEA dresser. IKEA dresser which painted with orange and shabby green will able to bring fresh nuance. Place white marble urns on it. You may also put white photo frames there. It is more chic.

To make the living room more exciting, you can complete the room with other painting IKEA furniture. I am sure that you will get a room as you want.


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