Excellent Dining Room with IKEA Outdoor Furniture

You are lucky to have an apartment with beach view? Wow, it will spoil you. You have to be smart to decide what you want to do with it. One you can do is use it as the outdoor dining room. While enjoying the meals you can see the beautiful view from the beach. It can make you really enjoy your eating activity.

Next to think is what you can use to complete your dining room. Your dining room needs good furniture. One that you may choose is IKEA outdoor furniture. It will make your dining room excellent.

If you are environmentalist, the uses of eco friendly furniture will the best choice of yours. What can you apply for your dining room then? Wooden flooring is really great for it.

Let the wooden floor as the original, you don’t need to paint it. When you are enjoying the meals, you will be comfortable with white sofa wooden floor. You may choose rattan sofa and combine with two square rattan tables. The white pad on the rattan sofa can make you like to sit.

That IKEA outdoor furniture is very great for your dining room. While for losing the monotonous nuance, add purple cushions there. Spreading a light brown rug can also give another nuance there. Your dining room which is located near the beach does not mean you do not need a barrier.

Use of glass walls whose height is only 1/3 of the high walls of the house. It will allow you to enjoy the beautiful views of the beach and the sound of waves. In the in daytime when the sun is shining brightly, you might feel uncomfortable with it. As a solution, you can add a canopy there. It will also protect you when it rains.

In addition, the blue sea and the blue sky will be more excellent with green leaves from the plant pots which put on the corner. The color combination between IKEA outdoor furniture, blue sea and sky, and also the green leaves are really great. Enjoy your meal then.




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