Enchanting Shabby Chic Bedroom Designs

Bedroom is the most private room in our house. There, we can do what we like, what we want to do, and of course to return our energy to continue our next activity. So, having a bedroom with great quality is needed. It has an important role in someone’s job quality. When someone can sleep, he/she will be able to do his/ her job well.

While, when they don’t enjoy sleeping, they will not focus on what they are doing. That is why you need to have a comfortable bedroom. And shabby chic bedroom designs can be applied to your bedroom.

The use of faded colors will wilt make the living room looks calm. While by applying of wide variety colors on the element of the room will make the room beautiful. But, right now we will design our bedroom with the white dominant color. Color the wall of your bedroom with white and give an interesting impression with the existence of a bit light brown in some parts. Combine the white wall with the while floor, too.

Use a white large window and accompanied by a pattern brow curtain. Add two wall lamps on the both side of the window. To make your body comfort when you are sleeping, choose a white bed. Then, present the shabby chic bedroom by combining some colors on your bed. You can choose flower patterned bedcover. Combine it with sky blue pillows and some pink pillows.

To make your bedroom chic, you can put some wall paintings over the bed. Take a flower painting, a mountain, a forest, or another painting you like. Add two chest drawers on the both side of the bed. Beautify with a purple orchid flower vase and small sculpture. To support your activity in the bedroom, you can use a pink sofa bed. Place it near the bed. Spread a blue fur rug there can make your shabby chic bedroom more interesting.

Last, let’s perfect it with the lights. Choose a decorative chandelier can make your bedroom chic. So, just enjoy being at your shabby chic bedroom. Get your spirit back from here.


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