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You have many books, accessories, or another thing that makes your room untidy? Or rooms in your house seem monotonous and uninteresting? You have to make changes or decorate it become more alive. There are many ways that you can do. One of them is IKEA shelves. By adding shelves to the room in your house, be sure your rooms will be very beautiful and not boring.

The selection of the right racks for any room in your house is important. What kind of rack is perfect for your living room, then what kind of gorgeous rack to your bedroom, next to your bathroom, and to the other rooms? Let’s see what IKEA shelves are like you can apply to the rooms in your house. First, you can use floating shelves in your living room. Take one side of the living room walls are still empty and install floating shelves there. If you want them as the points of the room, it is better for you to choose dark brown wooden shelves or the black one. They will be great with the light brown wall, wooden flooring, and white ceiling. Arrange the shelves as well. For example, you can put them to surround a black TV. Then, how is with your bedroom? Here you are. For you girls, who have many dolls or things in your room, you can put them in expedit shelves. Many boxes will make you easier to find your favorite items. Otherwise, it will certainly make you feel cozy in your neat room. You can also add a floating shelf there. To make your room chic, choose shelves which have similar color to the wall of the room. Next, if your dining room wall empty, you need to beautify it. One you can choose is wall mount shelves. White and black wall mount shelves are really suitable for your dining room. They make you free to put any accessories there. And right now, your dining room is more interesting.

Another IKEA shelf you can apply in the rooms of your house is lack style shelves. Here, you can put your things and any accessories. It will surely make your room neat and beautiful.


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