Elegant Small Master Bathroom Ideas



Feel tired of working at the office? Refreshing your body is what you want to do arriving at home. When you are going to the bathroom and getting the awful bathroom, it can make you lazy to visit it. Moreover, if you are not the lucky to have a big bathroom, it will make you reluctant to come in. So, having a cozy bathroom is a must for you. Work with elegant small master bathroom ideas in presenting your dream bathroom.

Let’s start designing your bathroom to be the most comfortable one. Applying white, beige, and also wooden color to the room can be a good choice. The beige wall brings the calm nuance in combining white ceiling and also beige flooring. While to get the light in the morning, you may presenting a white window where the sunlight comes to your bathroom. Pair it with brown curtain to make it more interesting. Under the window, place your white marble bath tub.

Add green plants on the corner, and some colorful decorations to spoil your eye when bathing there. The picture frames on the wall are able to lose the monotonous. In the front of the right side of the bath tub, your activity of washing face and brushing teeth is done. Two sinks with wooden cabinets under it will serve you. By letting the dark brown of the wooden cabinets, you can get the natural sense.

To get the nuance of elegant, choosing cabinets with some curved could be a right option. Another small master bathroom idea is through the mirror. Install a large mirror over the sink. It is as long as the cabinets. Even it almost covers the wall. Why do you that? The presence of mirror is really suitable for your small bathroom. It is able to make your bathroom to be more spacious.

Perfect your small master bathroom ideas by keeping the cleanness of the bathroom. Use beige or brown doormat to keep it from muddy. So, enjoy refreshing your body and get your spirit back.


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