Elegant Black and White Bedroom Designs

Who said that black and white has no ability to give a slide shade to your bedroom? If you are an independent woman then you need a nice place to rest after having work outside and you also don’t like feminine, black and white bedroom design is really cool for your room.

As a private place of yours, you need a chic design of your room. The applying of color has important role to make it happen. Choose the white as the color of the main parts in the room, like floor, wall, and plafond or ceiling. It will make your room seem more spacious. While black color can be used for the furniture. The black of the furniture are able to give bold and strong impression. Your room would be monotonous if we only use black and white. Whereas after a busy day’s work, you need something fresh. To create it, you can give a fresh green color emitted from the painting which is mounted on the wall above the head bed. It creates a comfortable atmosphere to your bedroom.

The use of black bed combined with white bedcover and pillows. White shows neat and clean to your bedroom. Applying of black color also applies to other supporting furniture such as desks, cupboards or chairs. The use of only black and white will look stiff, so combine your black and white bedroom design with a bit bright color such as by adding green color that can make the atmosphere become comfortable.

At another time you have, you have a spare time. Lying down on the floor can make you relax. So, put a black soft fur carpet on the white floor to spoil you in you break time. Other important element of your black and white bedroom design is lighting. You can play with it to make your room more elegant. Having wall light on the corner of the room is nice choice. Table lamps on the both side of your bed will make you comfort when you are sleeping.




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