Eco Friendly Living Room Decorating Ideas

You have many guests every day? But it is not interesting? So, you need living room decorating ideas. Living room is an important space in a house because it will become a social place between the owner and the guests.

There are many ideas to design your living room. But, you will have one that you really like and you want to apply it in your living room. Living room as a social place will be attained by many people. Many people know the characteristic of the owner through the living room. So, create a living room as your character is a good choice. Are you an environmentalist? Eco friendly living room decorating ideas is surely match with you are. Let’s start designing your living room.

First of all, you have to choose the dominant color of your living room. The colors of wood and the green of leaves are a good combination for eco friendly design. Choose light brown with lines to color the wall. Take a side of your living room and make overhanging walls there. Paint it with old wood color. It will add an artistic impression. While for the other side is for windows.

Glass window functions as the wall too. So, the wall is consisted by glasses which have function as window too. Select light brown burble flooring. Make your step warm by spreading out a brown fur rug. Put the brown sofa in right front of the hanging wall. Accompany the sofa with leaf green cushions.

Serve your guests drinks and some snacks that can be put on the round wood table in front of the sofa. Add a green flower vase on the table. It gives more eco friendly nuance. Then, make your eyes cozy by hanging a painting on the wall. You can put a tall table beside the sofa. Living room decorating ideas with eco friendly nuance can be created by placing a plant pot on the corner.

Get the joy from your living room while you are meeting your guests. Living room decorating ideas can be paired by adding some accessories in your living room.

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