Earth Element in Feng Shui Living Room Designs

Living room is a place where we would receive guests, whether it be relatives, co-workers, teammates, or people who may not we haven’t known yet. It will be one of important room in your house. Decorate your living room with fantastic Feng Shui living room ideas is an unusual way. Some that should be noted is the minimum good Feng Shui living room. They are clean, clutter free, good quality air and good quality light.

Arranging living room according to Feng Shui, the origin is not beautiful to look at or as required, but preferably should be good according to Feng Shui. Because if it is not appropriate or infringe Feng Shui, it is possible that you will always get a family tragedy, bad fortune, sickly and so on. To color the living room, it depends on the element of the homeowners.

Elements of each person are different, depending on the date, month and year of birth. If you want to always be in harmony with your life partner, a lot of luck, the children are always healthy, paint your living room according to Feng Shui. Well, right now we design our living room with related land element in Feng Shui. Color your wall with beige. Combine it with light green.

A big window that is painted by white color presents with light brown thin lace curtains. Set the sofa in form of U letter. One sofa lies in front of the window, other sofa on the right, and single sofa on the left side. Select a beige sofa and combine them with some beige cushions and some orange cushions.

The orange color attracts your eye to see them. Use a wood square table to serve your guest drinks and snacks. Your Feng Shui living room can be beautified with the existence of a brown fur rug. Place a tall and slim flower vase in the corner. While on the other corner, you can put a glass round table. Put a yellow table lamp on it will create a fire nuance.

The last but least, add small sculpture and a wood astray are able to complete your need in your living room. Design your living room according to Feng Shui. Hope, your Feng Shui living room gives you lucks.




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