Dramatic Gothic Bathroom Designs


Your activity outside make you tired? And you want to refresh your body? Having a unique bathroom may be your dream. The unique nuance can be created by dramatic gothic bathroom designs. Color selection, furniture, lights, and some accessories are important make it true.

Let’s start our gothic bathroom design ideas from the wall. Separate the wall into two big parts. Paint the above part by purple, while for the bottom part with dark grey. Give some grooves on the bottom wall. Shape them becomes like the doors of a traditional cupboard. Make your bathroom feel more spacious by applying high ceiling. Color it with white.

Add something unique at the edges. Make sure your steps to come to your bathroom. Pattern ceramics beautify your bathroom. Select the combination color, such grey with a black dot on the middle or you can choose dark grey with a splash purple ceramics. Place a marble bath up on the inside of your bathroom. In front of it, you can put a toilet.

Choose bone white bath up. On the opposite of the toilet, there is a unique sink with chic wall mirror. Show the gothic nuance through the frame of the wall mirror. Use metal frame will make your bathroom look luxurious. A big mirror wall also supports your bathroom more elegant.

The next one of gothic bathroom designs is by using the right light. In the middle of bathroom, put chandelier. It functions for the main lighting. Take a decorative chandelier with full of art. To create more gothic impression, you can add some more lights. By using two yellow wall lamps above your bath up is artistic enough.

You also can be helped by the existence of two yellow wall lamps on the both side of the unique wall mirror. To hang on your clothes or towel when you are going to bath, you can use clothes hook behind the door. It makes your bathroom neat from outside.




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