DIY Headboard Design Ideas


Have you ever imagined that you sleep on a nice bed with wonderful headboards? Maybe you just imagine that without ever having it. But actually having a bed with a beautiful headboard is not difficult. There are many ways to create it.

You can buy from the store, design it, or even you will create your own. But maybe you will feel satisfied if you can make it by yourself. You will really enjoy the interesting DIY headboard while resting your body after doing daily activities.

Work with your idea to make headboards you like. You may create fabric headboard, wood headboard, tufted headboard, headboards with lighting, or even DIY shelf headboard. If you like to show a traditional nuance in your bed, it’s better for you to create wood headboard. The headboard which is varnished will show the great original wood color.

If you are not a sculptor or even you cannot do it, you may simply smooth the boards and paint it. Present a sea atmosphere by setting white wood starfish on the headboard. It also colors it. Well, another idea of DIY headboard you may have is headboards with lighting. Maybe you think that sleep under the beautiful firework just a dream. Besides dangerous, it is also impossible to do.

But you need to know that actually you can make it come true. Not much to do. You just make head board with white shelves and combine it with much small yellow decorative lights. Arrange the lamps inside the shelves. You can also close the shelves with glass.

So, the lamps will be protected from dirt and dust. It also makes you easy to clean. Turn the lamps when you are going to sleep. The yellow light which emitted from the glass shelves will look like spark fireworks. And now, you are able to feel that you sleep under the fireworks.

Finally, sleep on the comfortable place is needed and make the great headboard is one you should do. Grab your idea of DIY headboard to spoil you in your room.




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