Cool Neutral Bedroom Designs

Presenting flowers in the room is an unusual thing. But if you are not a person who likes to be the crowd, choose flowers that are not too flashy definitely be a better choice. So if you want to combine these two ideas, flowers and neutral in the bedroom, a blossom neutral bedroom design is the solution. Choose neutral colors for your bedroom, such as russet, white, gray, light blue or other neutral colors. Combine beige on floors on walls with turquoise color will not make the bedroom become monotonous, but bright instead.

Choose a white floor with a large size would make a neutral impression. Add the dark brown carpet with a simple motif by taking a large part of the floor. It makes your feet comfortable when walking. Illuminate your step by the morning sunlight which comes through the large windows that exist on the side your room. Choose a large glass window that wrapped with sheer white curtains and combined with a light green color for making your bedroom a bit fresh. The sunlight that comes through the window will make the room becomes warm. Then, to make your perfect blossom bedroom, use simple flowers wallpaper dominated by neutral colors, such as a combination of light green, beige, and a little black. Do not use flower-patterned wallpaper that is too crowded, because it will make your bedroom too feminine. Placing a bed with neutral color in your bedroom is another supported neutral bedroom design. Choose a light green bed cover to enwrap your bed. Add some pillows covered white pillowcases on your bed. The existence of floor lamp on the side of your bed is really beautiful. Add a bonsai (draft plants) on the other side of your bed. It makes your neutral blossom bedroom perfect.

Then, let’s perfect your neutral bedroom design with the existence of a chair. Choose an artistic chair with light green pad or with simple flowers-patterned. And, enjoy being there in your spare time.




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