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Cool Mens Bedroom Ideas


Tired of working? Being at your own room maybe what you want. Relaxing, chatting with your loved ones, dreaming for awhile, or catching great ideas for your business are other things what you can do there. As one of private rooms with high level of privacy, you are free to choose best designs as you want. Work with cool mens bedroom ideas. Combine it with your creative minds. You can show yourself there.

Mens bedroom ideas can be started from the color selection. Choose cool natural colors. Don’t use bright color or the masculine of your bedroom will be lost. You can use grey as the background of your bedroom. It’s really cool. To lose the monotonous sense of grey, you can combine it with white.

Grey wall is the most important to make your cool. Combine it with grey ceiling. Don’t let your bedroom dark. Install light grey or white floor will be right choice. Other cool mens bedroom ideas are the use of light gold wooden furniture. It can be seen from the couch. The gold wooden couch and the same color of headboard are combined with dark grey bed. Make its look more interesting by adding black pillows and some black and white stripes one.

The placement of wooden dressers on the both sides will help you to put a grey table lamp or a tissue box. Next to the dresser, you may have wooden shelves. Use glass as the divider between each part. Give a yellow lamp to light the shelves. They can bring a dramatic feel. Do you always check your appearance before working? I think you should. Present a long mirror on the wall. If it’s possible, get the mirror as tall as your body. So, you will be able to see all parts of body. Shape the mirror with unusual shape. Pair with some short shelves for your hair tools.

Last, if you are able to paint, show your handmade there. Abstract paintings can perfect your mens bedroom ideas.



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