Cool Door Decorations for Kids’ Rooms

There are many ways to make your home beautiful and attractive. Not only your room decor, colors use, or expensive home furnishings. One thing you can do to make your home attractive is through door decorations.

The door of your house that was originally only mediocre and does not give the role to the beauty of the room, now you can use it as an important one of your room. You can get ideas from anywhere that you know; even you can show up your own ideas to decorate your house door.

In decorating the door, you can use various types of materials, such as papers, plastics, stickers, or other materials. Or if you are a painter, you can paint it by yourself. It is not only beautifying your door, but also can bring satisfaction and pride, especially if you do it in your child’s bedroom door. Maybe they will say ‘that’s my father’s hand painting’ on every friend who comes.

Well, if you are able to get the things that, so there are a lot of ideas for door decorating your child’s room. First, you can paint the door with the blue sky. Add a few clouds at the top to present the impression of a real sky. After that, the bottom of the door can be painted with a dark brown color, as if it is the ground.

Then, take your kids involved in decorating. You can add a sun using yellow paper and you stick it on the top corner of the door. Next, ask your child to cut the dark green paper and stick on the ground. Then, make flowers from paper there. Start by cutting out a green paper for leaves and flower stems.

Then you can use white paper for petals and yellow papers for the middle part. Create water droplets of blue paper on top of the flower. Add a watering can that’s where the water drops-test is derived. It will be interesting idea for decorating your child’s door, right?

In addition, perfect the door decorations of yours through showing photos there. Paste the pictures on the stems and flowers. Set them such that it will look beautiful.




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