Cool Bathroom Colour Ideas

Turn your own bathroom with your own creative imagination. Create it as comfort as possible for you and your family. Generally, it is said that you should choose a colour which helps you feel that your bathroom is spacious and big enough for you.

When you are going to decorate your bathroom and thinking of the colour in which to paint it, you should keep in mind the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is spacious, then you could use a combination of dark and bright colours. While if it is small, then you could keep off the dark colours and take same brighter appliances to liven it up.

It needs smarter idea to decorate your own bathroom when it is only one and you have a son and a daughter. How could you combine the two different minds? Grey stripes bathroom colour ideacan be a good solution.

This grey stripes bathroom colour idea offers the combination of dark grey and light grey. They should be painted covering most of the whole wall of the bathroom, except one side of them where you put mirror and bathroom sink there. This side should be in white, why? It is done to balance the colour of appliances attached on it.

You could more freely choose the colours of them. But you may need to notice, that the colours you are going to choose should still in calm view, like light yellow, light green, or light brown. Starting from the mirror, you could out it right in the middle of the wall. The frame can be in the colour of light brown or wooden brown is better. To balance that view, the colour following the first set of mirror is good idea.

Shower Curtain is great to be applied to cover your privacy. It gives the atmosphere of relax and free. Shiny bathing appliances can also add this view of relax and free. So, it may be a good idea when you plan to buy the appliances in a good rhythm. A difference idea may be needed to vary the room. Dark wooden natural brown should be chosen for your chest of drawer right below the sink. It can make your room cooler and feel breezy.

Let’s try to start to decorate your own bathroom with grey stripes bathroom colour ideas and get your own satisfaction, then.


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