Colorful Shabby Chic Living Room Designs

Welcoming guest with warm is a must for us. But make guests feel comfortable in the living room is important as well. And make guests feel at home living room is happiness for us.  By presenting a shabby chic living room with colorful furniture will make our guests comfortable there. The use of faded colors will wilt make the living room looks calm. While by applying of wide variety colors on the element of the room will make the room beautiful.

You feet are steeping on the floor to enter your house. Make your feet cozy with a carpet. Choose a pattern carpet with soft color, like beige, faded brown, or the similar color. Then, now spoil your eye with the beautiful color combinations from your living room. Use long chair with white pad on it. Add some cushions which cover by white striped pillowcases.

The combination of those colors is nice for your shabby chic living room. To serve your guest drinks or some snacks, a table is needed. Take a round glass table with buffer made ​​of carved wood. Beautify your table by a colorful flower vase.

Then, you can add a white artistic marble table beside the long chair. On the other side, put a simple shabby sofa. Well, then how is the wall your shabby chic living room? Color the wall with calm light green. Add some mirrors with gold curved frame on it. They can color your room.

Keep your documents on the white chest drawer that put in front of the mirrors. The existence of accessories which have functions is necessary. By presenting decorative table lamps on the chest drawer is able to give different nuance. Put a sculpture between the decorative lamps is a good way. Or you can add some accessories as you want.

One thing that is not less important of your colorful shabby chic living room is the lighting. Perfect your living room with a big decorative chandelier. Give a great impression to your guest through living room.




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