Chic Asian Kitchen Design Ideas

You are lack of ideas to create a great kitchen? If so, let’s know what you can do to that. There are many ways to make your kitchen be a cozy place. One of them is by applying Asian kitchen. It is not usual; it will be different with the others.

Oriental is very closely related to the cultures of eastern countries, especially in Asia. That is done when you relate it with the interior designs of Asian Kitchen. A room with oriental style designs can be the right choice of the theme. It can also be seen from the use of furniture there. Yet, get it in detail.

First is about the color selection. White, beige, and yellow are colors of oriental style. They can be applied on the wall of your kitchen. Doing experiment with colors maybe will be an interesting activity. Play with red color. It is often associated as the most discussion color. It also shows that the householders are friendly and open to everyone who comes there. Combine it with gold. Gold is a symbol of prosperity.

How’s the flooring? Installing dark tiles is an appropriate way. But, if you are an environmentalist, setting wooden flooring maybe will be right choice of yours. Choose dark wooden flooring. The dark color of the floor makes you easy to combine with other colors. Up to floor, your white ceiling will complete the elegance of the kitchen. Then, now you step on the furniture selection.

Choose furniture with dark colors, like dark purple, dark grey, dark red or another dark color. The dark purple can be applied through the pads of the dining chairs in your kitchen. The dark grey is used on the seat frames and also the table. Try to use a table with unique shape. The shape of capital J letter can be a good option. While for the kitchen cabinets, you may take wooden cabinets. It will be more stunning with silver kitchen tools.

One thing should be considered of Asian Kitchen is the lighting. Use white simple chandelier to light your cooking activity. It is really chic. Enjoy cooking there then.



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