Cheerful Kids Bathroom Ideas


As the place we often visit, a bathroom should be nice, moreover for our children’s bathroom. When they have an interesting bathroom, they will not need to be forced to bath. They will go o the bathroom directly in the afternoon without any commands because they love the kids bathroom ideas there. There are many ways to make your children’s bathroom more interesting.

First, you need to consider the right color for your children’s bathroom. Kids are usually fit with the bright colors likes light blue, light green, yellow, orange, sometimes chic pink for girls or another bright color. Those colors are able to give cheerful nuance. It also shakes your children’s spirit, so they will get a fresh body after bathing there.

The bright colors can be applied through the wall, floor, ceiling, toiletries, and some accessories there. To make the bathroom looks higher, you can paint the ceiling with white. While according to the use of water, you’d better to choose ceramics wall and ceramics flooring. Choose sea blue ceramics for upper wall and light blue or white ceramics for the bottom part.

Try to use use tiles with pictures of sea animals, so the bathroom will feel very comfortable and the kids will love it. While for the floor, you can use a light blue or white ceramics. Present a white window to shine it at noon. In the corner of the bathroom, make your children enjoy watering their body with a nice glass shower box.

Next to the shower box, add a mirror and a white sink. Teach your child to maintain cleanliness and neatness of the bathroom by providing blue rubbish bins beside the sink. And do not let them put stuff in random places. Yet, teach them to put it in the cabinet under the sink. On the other side, you can add your kids bathroom ideas by a white bathtub. Close it with a light green curtain.

Last, you need o perfect the kids bathroom ideas with some accessories there. In front of the door, you may spread a blue doormat with cartoon picture your children like. Another way you can do is by selecting unique and cute children’s toiletries. So, they certainly enjoy their activity in the bathroom.



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