Charming IKEA Coffee Tables in the Living Rooms

You have many guests to be welcomed? Have a great living room is a must for you so. A great living room is not only determined by the good combination color there and the expensive furniture, but it is also determined by the use of furniture with good quality. One of furniture must be in your living room is a table. And IKEA coffee table can be a choice to make your living more interesting and charming.

Applying IKEA coffee table in your living room should be adjusted with the other things there; what themes you want apply in your living room, what nuance you want to get there are really important to know. For the example, a white charming square IKEA coffee table will be appropriate with a neutral living room. It can be placed in the middle and surrounded by black sofa which completed by some cushions. Make the cushions as the point on your sofa by choosing red, white, dark blue cushions.

The white square IKEA coffee table can look fresh with a yellow flower vase and lack ashtray. It can be more elegant with a brown rug that spread under it. Another charming coffee table is able to be applied in the neutral living room with wood flooring and white wall. Two white sofas that flank a small glass coffee table would be a great combination.

Raise the nuance of fresh by putting a glass sofa with fresh leaves on it. If you like something unique in your living room, using black round table can be a good way. Put it in the middle of the room and pairs with a brown white sofa. Create the coffee table look more alive with pink color of the flower on it.

Many ways to welcome your guests and many charming IKEA coffee tables can be used to serve the guests snacks. Make your guests enjoy the snack with charming coffee table in your living room.



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