Charming Cottage Style Homes


Want to have a house which is different from others? If so, building cottage style homes can be your choice. You don’t need to have a large area to build it. It just consists of some rooms. You don’t need to have many rooms there.

Cottage style homes are related to the small old-fashioned house. Use triangle roofs to get the old style. For the wall, you can let it unfinished or you may also use brick wall. If you want to have a rustic house, building a teak wooden wall can be applied. Let the wall with the original color of the wood. It will be really great and look more traditional than you build it with the finished brick wall. Combine it with large wooden windows. Pair the windows with glass. The glass window with wooden frame is used to let the sunlight comes to the house.

Then, select a wooden door which is franked with old wall lamps. Make your home more unique by adding a high chimney. Around the house, it would be great and look more natural with the green grass. The yard which covers with grass will be fresher than let the land empty. Make your front yard cooler by presenting a fish pond. Stack the pond with stone. Plant some trees over there to get the shady nuance of your house.

Take bamboo fence. It can be set to surround your home. Use paving for the pathway to get into your house. Get your house more interesting by combining it with modern one. Use ceramic flooring can be chose to make your house looks clean and easy to clean. In the inside of your house, using wooden dividers to separate one room to another room would be really suitable to your home. Don’t forget to perfect your cottage style homes with furniture usually used in a cottage. Get your home full of cottage style.




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