Charming Colorful Bathroom Designs

Being in the bathroom is everyone’s activity every day. That is also your routine, right? Moreover if you are a girl, you will spend your long enough time.  You have many things to do there, such as doing scrubs, clean your face, brush your teeth, and some other activities there. So having charming colorful bathroom designs is really necessary. Make your bathroom as one of your favorite place.

Arriving at home after doing activity outside will be exhausting. When you feel tired you will be spoiled by the colorful of your bathroom. Colorful bathroom designs which consist of assorted color will give a sense of cheerful.

Combining between bright colors are really nice. By using a white floor with large size would make your bathroom clean and seems more spacious. Pair the white flooring with light green wall. Choose the different green for your bathroom wall. You can use light green and pale green for another side of your bathroom wall. Wall which is arranged by ceramic will make your cleaning activity easy.

The small window in your bathroom will be more interesting when you by combining white window and a curtain with purple and white lines. For your soak activity, a presence of bath up is needed. Choose white bath up and complete with a curtain stripes colorful which hang on. Put it in the corner of your bathroom.

Not far from the bath up, a white washing stand and a mirror will make you easy to brush your teeth, wash your face or just wash your hands. Add ornamental orchids on the wall beside the mirror. It can give a nature nuance of your bathroom. If you need something to put your small things like tooth brush, tooth paste or others, you may put a white small table besides the washing stand (wastafel). The closet can be put in another side. It is better to have the white one.

In supporting your charming colorful bathroom designs, adding some accessories which have functions are really good. Lay down a stripes colorful doormat in front of the washing stand (wastafel). And cover the closet with the colorful fabric cover. Make your body fresh from your bathroom.                 


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