Captivating Simple DIY Wine Racks

Confused where you will store your wine bottles? Here some simple wine racks ideas you can use for your wine bottles. It is really simple to make and also cheap. The materials you need are also easy to find. And the most important is you can make it by yourself. By presenting DIY wine racks doesn’t mean that they are less qualified than racks that you buy from the furniture shops.

One of simple DIY wine racks is by cards mailing tubes. Arrange the tubes on the wall. Frank them with white board on the sides. The top of the wine racks can be used as the table where you can enjoy the wine. Pair it with some chairs. So, now you have tubes wine racks to keep your wine.

Other idea of wine rack is by using small board which taken from your warehouse. Pure the board and make some holes. In the holes, you can put your wine bottles at an angle. Mount the board on the wall. And your wall-mounted wine shelf is ready to use.

If you are an art lover, you can take advantage of large tree roots or chunks of wood to make a wine rack. Let the rod in its original form. All you have to do is grind and clean it. Then drill holes in the trunk with the size of a bottle or proximally it’s enough to enter the body of the bottle.

To make the look interesting, you can varnish it. By varnishing, original color of the trunk will awake. The color and original shape of the tree trunk that makes the wine rack you have high artistic value. Put it in the corner of the room. It will not take a large space.

In presenting wine racks in your house, you don’t always have to buy, but you can make it by yourself. Take the advantage of items that are not used in your home. Combine the ideas of DIY wine racks with your own creative mind.


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