Captivating Room Decor Ideas with DIY Desk


One of important things in a room is a desk. Where you can do your work or just write a letter. A desk is not only used to support your writing activity, but it can also beautify the room. There are many kinds of desk you can apply to the rooms.

Just adjust the desk you make with other things in the room. Your DIY desk ideas can be applied through presenting a wooden desk into your room. It can bring natural nuance. While by using a glass desk, it will give a modern sense.

One of the easy tables to be made is derived from wood. You can find it easily and even you can use the used wood in the warehouse. Make a simple wooden table. Then, your easy DIY desk can be combined with shelves underneath.

Racks which consist of two parts on the right and left can be used to put the objects you have, such as rattan baskets for dry waste, paper bags, or maybe a book. Before you make it to be a table, it’s better for you to grind it first. The latter, you can paint it with white color. Another way of DIY desk which can enhance your room is long desk with storage shelves.

Use a long wooden board as the desk and three shelves as the legs. Place the two shelves at the end of the table (both sides of the able) and tighten it with one shelve at the middle. In order for your sturdy table, you can glue them.

Well, for the color of the desk, you can let the origin color of the wood. Combine it with white shelves. Now, you can use it to put your computer and support your work.

Last, if you are a student and you like something different, you can grab your creative idea of DIY desk with an oak shelf which floats on the wall. Add some drawers underneath to save your school book. So, you will easy to take the book you need during studying.


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