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Brilliant Teenage Girl Room Ideas


Tired of school activity and some course after school? You want to be in your room soon? But it’s just so-so, even it is not interesting? That will make you don’t feel comfortable to be there. You should change it to be the nice one. As a girl, having a boring room will be one of their misfortunes for them. So, get inspired teenage girl room ideas and apply them to your room. Choose the best for it.

Selecting colors is one of important thing in designing rooms. Adjust it with the owner of the room. For example, girl rooms will be different with boy rooms in coloring. Most of girls like soft colors, like pink, purple, or blue. And you may play with pink to create a charming bedroom. Start the teenage girl room ideas by installing shabby pink floor. Use pink to paint your wall. Give an accent of flowers on the wall to make it more interesting. Combine it with brown patterned wallpaper so your pink room will not be monotonous.

Make the ceiling high and has high level decorations. Color it with light brown or you can also take pink ceiling which is lighter from the wall. So, it will look more spacious. Now, it’s time for you to choose the best bed. The use of white bed with beige headboard is able to make you have a sound sleep. Cover it with flower bedcover and flower pillows. Place a white dresser and a table lamp on it.

Support you studying activity by placing a light brown shelf. Store your book there. Your pink trinkets or accessories could be place there, too. Place a table and sit on the white chair with a white pad comfortably while you are studying.

Want to make the room more stylish? Additional teenage girl room ideas could be applied through the lighting. Light the room with a pink glass decorative chandelier in the middle of the room. Perfect it with unique pink wall lamps on the sides of the shelf. Grab the beautiful room through some photo frames of yours.





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