Breathtaking Small Kitchen Ideas

One of the important parts of a house for a woman is a kitchen, a place where a woman prepares food for her family members. From there the woman can also express her love to her family members through the food. A large and comfortable kitchen is a dream for every woman, but not all of us lucky to have it. We just can make it be a nice place. The comfort, beauty, and innovation of a kitchen are really necessary. They will affect the mood of us. Through interesting small kitchen ideas we can make it becomes true.

By blending a dining room with a kitchen can make an impression of space without limits. Finishing the same wall with the kitchen can make the two spaces as a whole. One of the ideas to make the kitchen into a fun place is the lighting.

The use of down light serves as general lighting. While the placement of task lighting can help the cooking activity, because the use of general lighting is not enough, considering the light will cast a shadow on the kitchen table. Another choice is you may try to play with the reflection of light. Notice how the light bounces off every drawer, closet and under the kitchen table, reflective surface. It will certainly add a sense of wide and of course a luxury.

In addition to the lighting is sufficient, the presence of pantry cabinet or kitchen set is also very necessary. With the kitchen set, you can put simple cooking accessories and as a place to wash equipments after cooking. But don’t forget to choose the simple kitchen tools. It is one of small kitchen ideas which are suitable with the size of the kitchen.

Staining kitchen space is another important point. Using bright colors is a good way. For modern design, you can also combine with a dark color to make it look beautiful and attractive. But do not dominate the dark color of the bright colors. Besides, in the design of the kitchen ceiling is higher so impressed spacious and roomy. The last of small kitchen ideas is we must pay attention to air circulation in the kitchen. Because it affects the health of our kitchen, it would be better if we put an exhaust there.

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