Beautiful Painted Kitchen Cabinets

You feel bored with your kitchen, then it makes you lazy being there? May be it what you feel right now. If do, don’t worry, painted kitchen cabinets can burn your spirit up again. Before selecting the unusual hue, take into account the other items and colors in the room. Look at your walls, counters, backsplash, floor and appliances. If you already have a lot of color in the room, it is best to go with white or neutral cabinets.

White and neutral color can make your kitchen bright and fresh. It also can brighten up a dark room and give a large impression. You will get some advantages of applying white or neutral color, such us you will be free to liven up your kitchen through colorful accessories and appliances. Some neutral colors for kitchen cabinets are white, light gray, light brown, or beige.

On another hand, if you have a white or neutral dominant of your kitchen, it is the time for you to color it with painted kitchen cabinets. Color your cabinet with maroon. The combination between metallic maroon from the cabinet and the neutral color of the wall will make your kitchen look a modern kitchen.

Don’t forget to change the pad of the chair there if you have with maroon. It will make your kitchen more elegant. To show up your painted kitchen cabinets, add a down light is the best choice.

Whatever you choose to color you kitchen, the most important for painted kitchen cabinets is the match between kitchen cabinets with the color of the all components in the kitchen. Dark color can really make serious on the kitchen cabinets, but they works best in darken a small kitchen. If you like to choose it, make a balance with light wall and accents. While if you prefer to light color, you may combine with other colorful accessories.

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