Beautiful DIY Concrete Countertops


Tired of cleaning your countertops? Your countertops look dirty? Or you need much time to take care of it? It is because of the material of the countertops you use there. There are many countertop materials available to choose from, but you can have concrete countertops. Work with your imagination and make it with your own hands, it will really give a satisfaction for you. You will never think that you have a great ability in creating DIY concrete countertops.

The DIY concrete countertops are able to make your kitchen cozy. It is also scratch resistance. If usually it made of stone, wood, glass, tile, but you can also make it from the concrete. It is maybe a bit hard to do, but I am sure that you will say ‘I can do that’.

Making concrete countertops with unusual shapes could add the artistic value. You may make it in the form of an island, capital letter, or another shape that is be your favorite. When you want to pour cement into the mold, do not forget to provide a variety of accents and decorations on the bottom of the mold. Why? It is done because the bottom of the mold will be the top of the countertops. Here, you are free to put ornaments you like. Show your character. It can make your countertop more beautiful.

Besides ornaments, you also need to create a place where it will be used as a sink hole.  In producing countertops, you need long time indeed. You need about two weeks after the cement is put to the mold. After the concrete countertops dry and strong, it is the time for finishing. You don’t need to refine all sides of the countertops. The unfinished edge of it will bring the sense of uniqueness. Just polish the surface with wet sandpaper. It will make it flat and smooth, so your hands will be comfortable when they are on it.

The last way of DIY concrete countertops you can do is by applying a paste made ​​of wax (beeswax) and mineral oil mixture which can be made by yourself. It is used as additional safety coatings.



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