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Awesome U Shaped Kitchen


Make cooking as your favorite activity. Enjoy being at your kitchen while preparing food for your family. But to make you happy being there, you need to make your kitchen to be the most comfortable one you’ve ever known. Design it as well; present the uniqueness and warmness there. Surely it will not only be your favorite place but also your family favorite place. You can design your kitchen to be U shaped kitchen.

Your U shaped kitchen will give a space in the middle. While on the sides which shape U letter is used for cabinets, sink, stoves, and other things you need for cooking activity. Let’s start from the cabinets. You can use L shaped cabinets. Wooden cabinets under the sink and over the sink will be a good choice. You have many places to store your stuffs based on their functions. It will help you to find them easily. Don’t forget to present a window in front of the sink. You can enjoy the beauty of your backyard while washing the dishes through it. Make its part charming with beige wall.

While on the other side of L cabinets where your stove is placed, you can let the brick backsplash unfinished. You just need to paint it with white and add some lights over it. By the good lighting, it surely makes your cook perfect. You will not have burnt food. Then, make the L shaped cabinets to be U by adding cabinets where your refrigerator and oven are put. To make your U shaped kitchen performance awesome, you also need to consider the floor and ceiling.

If you want to stress the U which shaped by the cabinets, it’s better for you to use light wooden flooring and white ceiling. By installing those, the dark wooden cabinets can be the points in the kitchen. Yet, you still able to fill your kitchen with kitchen island in the middle. Then, perfect it with ceiling lamps and pendant lamps over it. Add some chairs for your family to help you cook.

If you want to get something fresh in your U shaped kitchen, placing green potted plants will be a great way. They will refresh your kitchen and you will be nice being there.


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