Awesome Small Bathroom Designs

A bathroom is one f important place we often visit. At least we go there twice for bathing and many times for just washing your hands. So, having a nice bathroom is everyone’s dream. It is may be your dream, too. To make your dream comes true you don’t need to have a large bathroom.

If you are lucky, may be you having a large house that later you will have a big bathroom. But, if you are not lucky, a small bathroom will be alright. Small bathroom doesn’t mean that you are lack of creative. You can change it be a comfortable place to bath, refresh your body and return your spirit to begin your activity in the morning.

Creating a small bathroom to be the nice one is a must. By choosing a neutral and not too dark color as a dominant color are helping you to have an awesome small bathroom. Using the right materials is also needed. The use of brown light ceramic flooring and plaid ceramic wall with light brown color will give the impression of roomy in small bathrooms.

Use a bit of dark brown color on the walls will enhance your bathroom. If your bathroom is not too big and not likely to present bath up, you can put a shower box in the corner of the bathroom. Next to the shower box, put a sink which is completed with a wood cabinet under it. Use a white sink and beautify with gray counter top. While, to support your activity of washing face, a mirror is needed.

Use mirrors that on the cabinet’s door over the sink. So, you can also toiletries there. Next to the sink, you can beautify the shoes flower pots and one or two ornaments. Adding a mirror on each side is also one right way for small bathrooms. Complete your mirror with lighting from wall lights on either side.

You like something unique? By covering the door with glass will give different sense of your small bathroom. It also reflects the lights, so make your bathroom more spacious.

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