Awesome Room with DIY Shelves

The way to make your rooms tidy is by adding shelves in your rooms. Many styles of shelves you can choose. One of them is DIY shelves. You can apply it in each room in your house, from the living room to the bathroom.

Let’s begin to make your room awesome. A living room can be more grateful with wood shelves. They really make the white wall pop. If you like trinkets, you can add some accessories, and you’ve got your shelves a stunner shelving unit. Another choice is by putting painted shelves.

Give some painted numbers can make a fun nuance in shelves. By mixed width lines are totally fabulous for your DIY shelves. If you like to have a modern room, the use of industrial modern floating shelves is a good idea.

Use wood that has not been finished. The combination colors between the brown wood, white wall, and some modern industrial accessories give more industrial sense to the room. Then, for you who students, make your learning activities easily with bookshelves.

With arranging books on the shelves will allow you to find it easily when you need. White shelves which affixed to the white wall will be very beautiful with green leaves accessories which dangling on the side. At the top, you can put the sounds system to accompany your activities in the room with your favorite songs. While the other, you can use it to store books and other important objects you have.

Next, something unique is able to make your room awesome. So, pegboard shelves can be used with some additional accessories like glass jar, wooden jar, and some marble bowls. This shelving unit is utterly unique.

In dining room, sometimes you get confused where you should hang the tableware? A simple shelf with some hooks to hang your cups can be chosen. Other DIY shelves that can be placed in your dining room are wine shelves. How genius is it to label your wine rack for easy picking? The shelves themselves aren’t too shabby either. Get your activity easy with shelves in your room.


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