Awesome Colorful Home Office Designs


Working at home has its advantages, especially for the mother. They can work while monitoring the development of the child. And they are not bound by labor time, so that family matters can be resolved. But it does not mean you can mix up the job with a family affair.

Or you would not run a maximum of two roles, as a housewife and also a worker. To work around this, then you need to bring your home office at home. How your home office designs that can make you comfortable in the office?

The comfort of a room is determined by the condition of it, the furniture use, the color, and also the arrangement of things there. So, let’s have a colorful home office design. First of all, choose neutral color for the wall, flooring, and ceiling.

You may apply white ceiling, light grey wall, and white bone flooring. Those colors can make your office more spacious and also can accentuate the bright color furniture that will be used for later. For getting good air circulation, you need to have a white window there. Add a purple curtain for it.

Then for your writing activity, put a wooden table and pair it with a pink chair. Beautify your table with a vase colorful flower in it. Well, the existence of a cupboard or chest drawer is needed for your office. You can put it near your table. It can make you easy to keep or take your document.

Burn your spirit up by adding colorful accessories. Hang a colorful abstract painting over the drawer, and add some colorful vases, small sculpture, or other accessories. When you are working, there will be guests, relatives, or maybe your friends who come to your office. So, it will be a good idea to add a set of table and chairs.

Let’s make your colorful home office be awesome with blue table which have gold legs and green chairs which have white pad on it. Last, add some purple cushion on it. You like to see your look often? Present a mirror with colorful frame makes your colorful home office design perfect.


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