Astonishing Purple IKEA Bedding Designs


Need a comfortable place to rest after work? One of rooms in your house you like to be used to bring your spirit back is bedroom. Having rest there will be nice moment. Nobody disturbs you there. Besides, you can also show off your character freely without anybody complains about that. Just do want you want to do there. It’s time for you to suspend your disbelief. Stop running scared and pull yourself together. Let’s find out what in your mind. Work with your imagination to create the most comfortable bedroom you ever know. Realize your ideas through IKEA bedding. It is able to make your bedroom wonderful.

Let’s see what you can apply from the IKEA products. First, you will begin with the color of the ceiling, wall, and flooring before doing IKEA bedding. Choose white for the flooring and you do same to the ceiling. White will make you easy to change with another theme if you have been bored with the condition before. Besides, as one of neutral colors, it is really easy to combine with other colors.

Well, right now, you will get the wonderful purple in your bedroom. So, what you can do to the wall is by painting it with purple. Then, you are going to choose the IKEA bed. Patterned purple IKEA bed can be a good choice to be place on the black wood couch. Pair it with some pillows which have same colors with bed. Make the bed more interesting by some additional IKEA pillows.

Using white and plain purple pillows are able to lose the monotonous of the bed. You also can complete the bed with a purple blanket. Fold it and put on the bed. Light your sleeping activity with the proper lighting. Present white round table lamps on the both sides of the bed to make you enjoy resting. While, your small things or document can be stored in the black wooden dresser near the bed. Add a white puff in front of the bed. You can sit there during reading your favorite novel.

In addition, perfect your IKEA bedding with the existence of soft purple rugs. It will beautify your bedroom.


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