Amusing Master Bathroom Ideas


Bathing in the bathroom is one of the activities we do every day. Having a cool shower is one of the dreams of most people. So, let’s get master bathroom ideas to color one of our private rooms. As the one of the most personal and intimate rooms in a house, of course we will make it as comfortable as we want.

Choosing a good material for the bathroom is needed to be carefully related to the use of water. Choose waterproof material (spots caused by soap scum and mildew), easy to put on, easy to care and clean, and colors which is not easy to fade. You may also decide what bathroom you want, the dry bathroom or the wet one.  If you are the lucky one, you may have both. Yet, you must separate between the dry area and the wet one. For the dry area, you can have a closet and sink. While for the wet one, you can have a shower or a bath up. To separate the dry and wet area, you can use shower box or if you want it more simple you can use the insulating glass.

One of another important element of master bathroom ideas that supports the activities in the bathroom is a mirror. In addition, the function of the reflective mirror can also extend the room. Wall mirror can also be placed on the sink that will allow you to wash your hands while ornate yourselves. While for the placement, it is better for you to put the sink in the front part of your bathroom. So, we don’t need to get into the inside of the bathroom when we just want to wash our hands.

The last but not least of master bathroom ideas is the lighting. Because it really important for the health of our bathroom, so it must get sunlight, for example by using a transparent tile or glass block or other transparent materials translucent sun. In addition, to add to the aesthetics of the bathroom, when you use ceramic wall dark, the lighting should be brighter than if you use light colored tiles. You can add such local lights above the mirror-angle corner of the room or with indirect lighting (indirect lighting) if you use a drop ceiling in the ceiling. For local lights you can use yellowish halogen bulbs.



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