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Amazing Tween Bedroom Ideas


You have a brother or sister? Sharing a bed is one of the most beautiful things in your life. You can give a hand each other, you are able to chat whenever you want, and you also can study together. But now you feel bored with your bedroom? You want to get an interesting bedroom? If so, you need to grab the amazing tween bedroom ideas according to your age to achieve your aim.

Uniting ideas between you and your sister is not hard if you want to have a bedroom with your sister. You can work together to catch the best ideas. And now you are going to start knowing what tween bedroom ideas that you can do to your bedroom. First, you can choose white flooring and white ceiling. By choosing white flooring and ceiling, your bedroom will look clean and larger. It’s also easy for you to combine with another color. Next, it’s about wall. You can combine purple and white to the wall. Paint a half of the room with purple while the rest by white. Then, on the white wall, you can place double beds. Use yellow couch and shabby red bed. Add violet blanket and some colorful pillows. Don’t forget to spread dark purple round doormats in front of the bed. Make the white blank wall more interesting by hanging pink photo frames.


Next to the bed, double yellow wardrobes are welcome for you. Don’t forget to build a window. White glass window will be better. Cover it with white curtain and place a purple puff near it. It’s also possible for you add a pink love puff. It will be more stylish. On the opposite side of the bed, your shelves are floated on the wall. Bright yellow is a good combination for purple wall. Use a wooden study desk and shabby yellow chairs. Check your look before school through the mirror there.

If you want to get the perfect bedroom, you can try to combine tween bedroom ideas you’re your favorite bright colors. Bright colors are really good for you, teenagers. They are able to burn your spirit up and shows cheerful atmosphere.


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