Amazing Tuscan Kitchen Design Ideas

You are a mom and a lover of luxury? You can express yourself in the kitchen. While preparing food for your beloved family, you will be enjoyed by the luxurious atmosphere of your kitchen. And it comes from Tuscan kitchen. Start creating your Tuscan kitchen with choosing the dominant color of the kitchen. You can dominate your kitchen with brown and white color.

The color of wood kitchen cabinets can be combined with a light pattern ceramics walls. The use of ceramics for the wall is to avoid the oil splashes. So, it is easy for you to clean. The white high ceiling in the kitchen will make it looks larger and also give a modern sense. To make the good air circulation of your kitchen, you need to have a large window there (if it is possible, it is better if the window faces to the back garden. In front of the window you can put a sink. So you can enjoy the beauty of the garden view while you are washing dishes. On the right and the left side of the window you can put kitchen cabinets which made of wood as the best a choice. Add a kitchen table in the middle of your kitchen is a good idea for the Tuscan kitchen. Choose kitchen table made of marbles will help you to clean. You can mix it with the brown seat pad, too.

Another important element of Tuscan kitchen is lighting. To make your Tuscan kitchen beautiful, put some bulbs in corner of the ceiling or use a down light. You also can add some lights as you need. Make sure that your kitchen gets enough light, not too bright or too dark. It will be able to make your kitchen roomy. Another element that needs to be considered in the Tuscan kitchen is tiles or floor. Choose tiles with color palette such as amber, white bone or gold. These colors can create the impression of a warm and earthy.


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