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Amazing Small Living Room Ideas

You are not lucky? You just have a small living room, whereas you often receive guest? Don’t worry. You can make your living room cozy and interesting. Small doesn’t lack of styles. You can do many things by applying amazing small living room ideas there. Choose the best ideas to help you achieve your dream.

In creating awesome small living room, one thing should be considered is the selection of the interior color. Because you have a small living room, then it is better if you use white as the base color of your living room. Apply the white color on the walls and ceiling. It will make the room spacious and elegant indefinitely.

For the floor, you can use a light brown color. Pattern tile flooring is what you can take as the way to make room not too plain. Let the sunlight illuminate your room brightly through the glass door. Large glass door is better for your small room. Cover it with white curtain.

Then, to make your living room look warm and show that you are friendly, you can use shabby green sofa. Long green sofa and long slim wooden table will be yours. Add a puff with the same color to complete it. Small white table on the right side of the sofa can be beautified by a white table lamp and a fresh flower in the glass vase. If you like to watch TV there, you may put your TV on the long cabinets which throughout the wall in front of the sofa.

Some accessories, like elegant urns are welcome there. Other small living room ideas are not let your wall empty. Although, you are just allowed to put some decorations there, but it will be a smart choice to make the room more interesting and stylish. You can hang two or three paintings on it. It’s enough. 

The last one of your small living room ideas is presenting something fresh to your room, moreover if you are an environmentalist. A green potted plant in the corner is more than enough. It looks fresher now. Get enjoy being there.       


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