Amazing Masculine Bedroom Designs

As one of private and intimate rooms, a bedroom should be a nice place. Everyone has his own ideas to decorate it. But not all people apply sexy masculine bedroom design in their bedroom. So it will be unique and more interesting for your bedroom.

A sexy masculine bedroom design is a bit different with common bedrooms. Most of the colors used are dominated by black color, starts from the wall cover to the furniture in the bedroom. The wall is painted by grey which can be combined with black line between them. You can make it more artistic when you give straight and firm lines just behind the bed.

Another choice for you wall is you can use wallpaper. By choosing masculine patterned wallpaper as leaf-patterned wallpaper or floral-patterned wallpaper which placed on two sides of the bed wall will add the impression of masculine and sexy. Choose wallpaper that consists of black, gray, or white.

Because bright colors such as green, red, or other colors will reduce the masculine impression of the room.  Then, when you are looking at to the outside through the window, a glass big window will be right in your masculine bedroom. Combine the window with stripes curtains, don’t choose one color, it make you room really dark. For your sexy masculine bedroom design, you don’t need to put many accessories on the wall. One or two painting walls hang on the wall of tour room is enough.

At night when our feet are going to the bed, support them with black bedcover combined with gray blanket and white pillow. Put black bedside tables on the both side of your bed. Use wall light behind the bed. If you are a bookworm and you like to read before sleeping, a chandelier will coddle you. One of way for your sexy masculine bedroom design is flooring. Select white or gray ceramics without any pattern accompanied by a plaid carpet around the bed makes you bedroom more sexy. So, you don’t like a feminine bedroom? A sexy masculine bedroom will be your best choice.


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