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Amazing Kitchen with DIY Countertop Ideas

The beauty of your kitchen is not only determined by the design of your kitchen, but also determined by the selection of the countertops. By selecting a right countertop, it can help you to clean and of course gives contribution in creating a cozy kitchen. Catch great countertop ideas and apply them to your kitchen.

There are many countertop ideas that can be taken for you. One of them is DIY countertops. By making your own countertop, you not only get the countertop you want, but will also gain a certain satisfaction. Not many people do that. They prefer to get it from the store, but you do not. Show your abilities through the countertop. Your wife will definitely love you more and more. One of DIY countertops that you can do is a penny countertop on your kitchen island.

Have you ever known that? Penny countertop which combined with cabinets produces a nuance of rustic but rich. Your countertop which is elongated can be divided into two parts. Half can be used for wood and you can make the rest into a countertop penny. The coins which are mounted in a row-row can be made ​​into unique shapes. You can shape it resembles the figures of your idol or perhaps a cartoon character that is you like. Then, frame the pennies with wooden frames.

You need to place a glass above the countertops. It will keep the pennies which put there. You will easy to clean it, too. Make sure the existence of countertop by combining with great combinations. You can begin to choose white wall as the first combination. Next, you can get a rustic nuance with wooden flooring. Although it needs an extra care, but it’s very good. Wooden cabinets will make your kitchen tidy. Just store your kitchen tools there. Don’t let your penny countertop useless. Add some black chairs there. Enjoy the beauty of pennies while eating.

The countertop ideas can be combines with great lighting to create an amazing kitchen. Use pendant lamps over the countertop of your kitchen island, the lighting will eliminate the pennies and it will be great.               

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