Amazing House with DIY Wall Art


Space in your home will be more beautiful and attractive with DIY wall art. By making it itself can be assured that you will get the results to your wishes. Do not let the walls of your house plain with no attractive impression. As it will make the rooms in your house will seem monotonous and mediocre.

One of the easiest DIY wall arts is by using papers. Take colorful origami papers and form them into paper fans with different sizes. You must have been very clever to make it. Glue the fans on a wooden board that has been painted or wrapped with paper. Last, hang the board in the place that you like.

Other you can do for your amazing house is by writing words or statements that you like on a board. You just need a paint brush and watercolor to do so. Make your interesting quotes wall art by combining great colors. Let’s say that you can use the board in orange paint and you write the quotes with the color white. Or maybe you can work with your other creative ideas.

If you like to put some boards’ quotes, you’d better to use boards with different size. Now, it is your time to hang your handmade on the wall. Then, another idea of wall art is by using wood. Although it not as easy as the paper fans, but it will be great wall art. You can use bamboos to make it. Cut the bamboo into some pieces with different size and chop them up.

Clean the bamboo and you can start varnishing them. It is better for you to varnish them with dark and some bright colors. Arrange the bamboos into a rectangular shape and give them a wood frame of wood. You can use glue or nails to tie one bamboo to others. Then, it is ready to put in your living room wall. Combine with a wooden dresser and wooden urns under it.

The beauty of wall is not always expensive. It can be cheap if we know how to create it with our own idea. So, work with your DIY wall art to make an amazing house.



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