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Amazing Green Bathroom Design Ideas


Feel very tired after work? Get sweat after exercise? Refresh your body and get your energy back in your bathroom. Make your bathroom amazing as well and you can enjoy bathing there. There are many decorations of bathroom that you can apply there. One of them is by choosing the right color. Fresh green bathroom will be a good option for your bathroom. Combine with other colors to get it more amazing.

You can simply start applying green to the wall of your bathroom. In the dry area, you can paint the wall with green. While for the wet area, green ceramic wall is a good choice. It will be durable because of the use of water. Bring the elegance sense through the white flooring. It’s also possible for you to install black ceramic if you want the bathroom be cool. Make the green bedroom more spacious with white ceiling. Present a white window and let the sun lights the bedroom in the morning. Spoil your body by lying down on the white bathtub and the rain shower will give you unusual experience. It can be one of your memorable experiences.

Surround the shower with some lamps. On the other side, in the dry area, you can place two sink with wooden cabinets under it. Install oval mirrors over the sinks and get enjoy check your face there. Pair it with stainless steel faucet. Illuminate it with three wall lamps. Try to take shiny black sink and fresh green cabinets. Don’t let the wall blank. You can work with your ability of painting. Move your canvas there. It will have an artistic value. To make your bedroom more elegant, you may place a sculpture of horse.

Spread a stripes green doormat and put the sculpture near it. Then, the opposite side of the sink, you can complete it with white toilet. Don’t forget to make the toilet more interesting with placing toilet clothes on it. Fresh it up with a green plant pot placement near the toilet.

Finish your idea of green bathroom with a great lighting in the middle of the room. Brighten your bathroom up and happy bathing there.



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