Amazing Fireplace Ideas


Living room is not only a living room which used to receive your guests. You don’t only need sofa and table, but more than just it. It has to be a nice place to stay. So, when your guests come they will feel cozy being there. The selection of great color combination, good quality furniture, and supporting accessories will make your living room cozy. But, it isn’t enough, while the day is raining, the weather is cold, you need something more in your living room. That is a fire place. What amazing fireplace ideas can be applied to your living room is what you need to know. You can combine with your creative own ideas.

If you have white living room, you may choose brick fireplace. You can cover it with black ceramic and paint the rest with white. Add threshold on it, then place fresh sunflower in a glass vase there. To get the fresh flowers, you should replace once two days at least.  Then, another fireplace idea is you still use brick fireplace, but you don’t need to cement all. Let a bit part in the orange color of the original brick. The orange which combined with white will give an amazing combination with the beige wall. It also can be used as the point of the living room. Your fireplace would be elegant with the existence of a big mirror over it and lighting that is not too bright from the decorative chandelier. You may also make sure the fireplace with two paintings on the each side. By adding black table lamps on the each chair with put in front of the fireplace can be an alternative to spoil your eyes in the raining day because it is not too bright.

You like to show that you have strong character through your living room? Stone fireplace ideas are the way. Stone fireplace is also good for your rustic living room. The grey color from stone can be combined with dark brown wall and flooring. Combine it with the green of leaves plans there. In the corner of the room you can add a draft plant. Perfect it with a painting over the fireplace. It is the time for you to get warm there.


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