Amazing DIY Bookshelf Design Ideas

Are you a bookworm? If so, having many books is happiness for you. Yet, sometimes your books collection makes you’re your room awful because there is no space more to keep. You need to get other book shelves, moreover for you who don’t have any book shelves. By presenting a bookshelf there will be a good way to take. There you can sore your school books, novels, comics, or other collection you have.

In presenting a bookshelf, you can work with your catch a great bookshelf idea and make it by your shelf. Why you need to create by yourself? Because it will be like what we want and we wish. You don’t need to visit the furniture store to get it. A DIY bookshelf can also give a different and unique sense to the room.

If your school activity or your job takes much time of yours, you can create a DIY bookshelf on the weekend. Try to make a simple shelf but amazing. Here some ways for your bookshelf ideas. First, you can have box shelves. It’s easy to make and also cheap. You can use boards in your warehouse which are not used anymore. Pick them up form to be boxes.

To give the art of the shelf, don’t make the boxes in the same size. Let them in different size. So, there will be small and big boxes. Install them sideways and upwards in accordance to what you like. The installation which is not too irregular will give a value of art for your space. Another way you can do is by floating them on the wall. Don’t forget to paint it.

If you want make them as the point in the room, you can choose bright colorful paint, such orange, yellow, pink, blue, fresh green, or other bright colors. Not only as the point of the room, but it also can burn your spirit up. Combine the colors with white on the edge shelves.

In addition you may put small plant pots on the top. Your DIY bookshelf is cooler and nicer that you can buy in the store. Last, you may store all of your collection there.


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