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Amazing Cool Bathroom Design Ideas


One of rooms in your house that you often visit is bathroom. At least twice a day you go there to take a bath and sometimes for washing your hands. That’s why you need to have a comfortable bathroom. A nice bathroom will be able to make you happy being there, so when you feel tired after work you can return your energy there. It will also refresh your body up through the fresh water from the amazing shower. There are many bathroom decorations that you can apply into your bathroom. One of them is cool bathroom. If you don’t like something messy or crowded, so it will be yours.

Your best design of cool bathroom starts from the color selection wants to the applied there. One of the best colors for a cool bathroom is white. By applying white color, your bathroom will not only be cool but also more elegant. Let’s see how you should play with white. First, make the ceiling, floor, and wall in harmony. Choose white for those. The white wall will look more spacious with white ceiling. Make the ceiling more interesting by creating tray ceiling.

Then, by installing marble flooring, your bathroom will not only cool but also luxurious. The shiny marble flooring will make it more elegant and you will be happy to be there. When you are lucky to have a large bathroom, having a swimming pool in your bathroom will be a good way. Just build it in the middle. Construct it with blue ceramic, so the pure water there seems sea water that’s really nice to be enjoyed. Perfect the luxurious swimming pool by hanging a decorative chandelier over it. Near the swimming pool, you can lay a bathtub with a rain shower over it.

Get your body fresh under the shower. Next, make you enjoy washing your face with a bowl sink. Add bright red cabinet under the sink. It can be a point in your bathroom. Install an oval mirror over the sink and add a unique wall lamp beside it. While for other stools, try to choose them in red. Bright red colors will be really smart in the white bathroom.

Last, presenting a natural sense in your cool bathroom is fine. You may place green plant pots there. Get your bathroom amazing and get your energy back.



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