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Amazing Bedroom with Wonderful DIY Lamp



You have made your bedroom with the great design? You also have used the best furniture? Or maybe you have applied all of your ideas to perfect the room through some accessories there? But, your bedroom is still same with others, it’s just so-so? So, let’s find what things that you can use to create your bedroom to be amazing. Have you known that one of wonderful bedroom ideas can be done in the room is by using the right lighting? Then, have you ever imagined that you can make lightings with your own hands? The lighting which comes from DIY lamp will able to enlighten the room with your own satisfaction. Beside, working with your own unusual thought can be an interesting thing in your life.

There are many ways that you can do to illuminate the room. You can take an advantage of used things in your warehouse, like glass bottles. You just need to wash it. Then combine it with paper lampshade. Inside the bottle, placing dried edelweiss is able to liven up the glass bottle. It will not empty. Don’t stop playing with your creative mind. Make the lampshade from translucent papers or mica and make it to unique shapes, likes big tube or mushroom-liked. If you like paintings, move your canvas on the paper lampshade could be a great way to make your lamp more interesting.

You can make the simple paintings to messy one. For you who don’t know how to paint, you can decor it with tapes that surround it. Add small decoration from paper. It would be more wonderful. Then, now you may put the lamp over the bottle and cover it with the lampshade you’ve already made. The selection of colorful flower bed will be more wonderful with the light from the unique DIY lamp. Put it on the white dresser or white table on the both sides of your bed, and you will have a sound sleep at night. Work with your imagination of creating DIY lamp. And show your ability in your bedroom. It works much there.



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