Amazing Apartment Décor Ideas


Your apartment is just so-so? Even it is not interesting? As a place to live, it must be cozy. Not only cozy to stay but also cozy to see. After activity outside and you feel tired, looking at a nice room can decrease your exhaustion. Grab the inspired apartment décor to make you feel happy being there.

First, you can start from the living room of your apartment. There you can please your friends of family who visit you. The white wall, white ceiling and dark brown wooden flooring will look cool with black sofa. Add some red cushions to liven up the room. Place a white coffee table in the middle and you can serve your guests by snacks there. By presenting a white flower vase and a wooden tissue box are able to lose the monotonous sense. Another thing you can do is by applying a white floating shelf. Store your trinket collection there.

Don’t forget to spread out a red carpet under the sofa. Then, bring a natural shade through a plant pot in the corner. The chandelier which is set up to the table will light you up. Another part of your apartment that needs an apartment décor is a bedroom. As the room with the highest level of privacy, make it simple but nice is needed. Let’s see! The wooden flooring and white wall in your apartment can be more interesting with shabby colors. Shabby pink bedcover could be really nice with some pink and white pillows.

The shelf on the headboard is also can be done to make it unusual. Then, place shabby pink drawers in the corner of the room. Near it, the white window will be more natural with a green plant pot on the window sill. Take a light brown patterned curtain to shake the white of the window.

One thing of apartment décor you can do is the proper lighting. A simple white chandelier in the middle of the room is good to be applied.


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