A Neat Room with Awesome DIY Bookcases

Messy view is often seen when come back home from work. This view takes our time to have it clean again. The time for most of us, who spend much more time in the office is very valuable to waste with nothing useful. Do and finish everything in order is best to be done avoiding unexpected things in our rest time. We may start to arrange it by providing the time to make our books stand in order. DIY bookcase is good to be done in our great weekend.

Let your body moves by choosing which corner you want to put you book in you DIY bookcase. “Yes, I find the best”. Get your screw, nail, woods, simply glue and make it simple then. Before all utilities handed, measure the width of your room and the height of the ceiling. We also need to check the window placement.

Most of our room have the window that is very close to the centre. If there is no window, just build shelves in to the centre point. Prepare your plywood to be measured then. You need to draw first for the design, as well as your imagination. It could be more perfect with your own creation. Arrange it in a bit “messy design” may be a good suggestion. Try make it in simple but not flat enough.

Get the view in 3D from all three sides; front side, left side and right side. After your design is ready to be built, cut the plywood as the measurement of your drawing. Assembly all the parts of cut plywood with the nail and strengthen with the glue. We have to be more careful when putting the nails in the corners of each wood. If it is too strong in hitting, the wood can be broken.

The best way to avoid it is by drilling the shelf pin holes. Measure all sides 12 in. down from the top of your partition and drill 1/4-in. holes ½ in. deep, every 2 in. to accept the shelf pins.When all is done, decorate your creation by letting the colour in nature. It can make your design naturally yours.

The DIY bookcase is ready and let your books simply stand on your great creation. Design it, create it, and decorate it as what yours.




Hurry Up!

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